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Become faster and stronger during the cycling off season

Imagine starting next season faster, fitter and stronger than your rivals…

But just how can you make the most of those cold, frosty months? Well, an exciting newe-book will show you the way.

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Interval training

3 weekly interval sessions to maximize the benefits of your heart rate monitor and/or power meter.

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A week in winter pdf free download books

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The Secrets of Successful Winter Training

Dear Fellow Cycler,
My name is Jesper Bondo Medhus. I am a medical doctor and an international cycling coach but most importantly I am passionate about cycling and totally understand your drive to go faster.
I have coached some of the best cyclists across Denmark and the 12-Week Winter Training Program e-book is based on my years of experience.
I have witnessed the headaches that cyclists face during the winter. Should they switch off completely? How much rest should they take? When and how should they kick-start their training? Is indoor riding just as effective? All these questions are answered in the 12-Week Winter Training Program.
After years of experimenting with different regimes, I have found the perfect winter training solution.
My e-book outlines how cyclists who are SERIOUSLY ambitious to perform to their full potential should treat the off season. There is no ambiguity. My messages are simple. Yes, I explain how riders should NOT approach the off season with a reckless attitude. And yes, I drill home how rest and recovery are vital elements, as are fun and laughter with loved ones.
But I also explain how being proactive and motivated are pivotal. So are YOU up for it?
Great, then take a look at the samples below...

A Week In Winter Pdf Free Download Books


What does people say about the 12-Week Winter Training Program?

'This book is well laid out, provides the relevant detailed information for a rider from 4th through to 1st Cat, to structure and develop themselves and their commitment to training and racing into a productive and professional system. We would recommend this book to all levels of cyclists. Enjoy the miles!'

Jonathan Gibson, SportsExerciseEngineering.com

A Week In Winter Pdf Free Download Pdf

'It is easy to understand and read the training program. There are challenging intervals sessions three times per week and it is easy to combine these interval sessions with for example indoor cycling, spinning or mountain bike training. Currently I train app. 7hrs per week and feel very competitive even though my training volume has been less than 1/3 of many of my competitors’.'

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Jakob Bering, Elite road and MTB rider

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A Week In Winter Pdf Free Download By Jeff Kinney

Here’s the guarantee: If your don't like this training program, I will refund the entire of your purchase price within 30 days – no questions asked.

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