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“I still look like me,” she said. “I was hoping for better.”

“You look great.”

Kerri knew that on a good day she could pass for pretty, but no one would ever describe her as elegant or sophisticated.

“This isn’t my world. I won’t know what to say to anyone.”

“Just smile and if someone gets bitchy, remember she gets cramps and bloats, just like the rest of us.”

There was another knock on the front door. “That’ll be Tim,” Kerri said as she walked through the living room to answer it. “I suddenly feel so popular.”

“It’s because you’re a special person,” Linda teased.

“I’m getting that.” Kerri opened the front door and smiled as she saw both Tim and Lance on her tiny porch. “Two for one,” she said. “It’s my lucky day.”

“Isn’t that the truth,” Lance said as he walked inside, then kissed her on the cheek. “You’re looking very ladies-who-lunch. Love the shoes.”

“Aren’t they great? Less than ten dollars.”

Lance winced. “You’re not going to want to mention that today.”

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“I know. Hi, Tim.”


Tim nodded slightly as he, too, walked into her living room. The space had never been big, but with four adults, one of whom was the size of a small mountain, the space shrank even more.

Kerri introduced Linda.

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“I’ve heard all about you,” her friend said. “You got Kerri the job at The Grill so she could attack Nathan King.”

Tim shifted slightly. On anyone else, Kerri would call it a wince.

Lance grinned. “Did I tell you? I’m a hero at work. They’re all talking about how I handled the crazy woman. Nathan came in to the restaurant last week and personally thanked the manager for my quick action. I got a raise.”

“Impressive,” Kerri told him. “So what did Nathan get out of it?”

“Nothing,” Lance told her. He glanced at Tim, then lowered his voice. “There are untold depths to our Mr. King, sweetie.”

“That’s what they say about Antarctica, but those depths are chilly.”

“He’s not all darkly evil,” Lance said. “He gave you the money.”

“I know, I know.” She looked at Tim. “Want to chime in here and defend your boss?”


“Tim is very tight-lipped about his work.” Lance
winked. “A loyal employee. The only kind our Mr. King hires.”

“You should call him Nathan,” Kerri said.

“Using his last name makes him all the more mysterious.”

“Because you like the guy?”

“Tim likes him,” Lance said. “I trust Tim.”

As Tim had been the one to come up with the idea of announcing the fifteen-million-dollar grant, Kerri liked him, too. But that didn’t mean she trusted his judgment when it came to Nathan.

“We should go,” Tim said.

“I’ll get Cody.”

Five minutes later, Linda was waving goodbye as they climbed into the waiting limo.

“I want details,” her friend called. “Take notes.”


Cody maneuvered into the car. Kerri grabbed his crutches and followed him into the vehicle.

“Sweet ride,” her nine-year-old said with a grin as he slid onto the long bench on the side. “When I grow up, I want one of these to take me everywhere.”

“I thought you wanted a sports car that goes really fast.”

“Oh. Right.”

“Get both,” Lance said as he settled next to Kerri and closed the door.

“Yeah,” Cody breathed as he rubbed the leather seat. “I’ll get both.”

His words made Kerri’s chest tighten. Please, God, let him live long enough to make that decision, she thought, knowing that, without a miracle, odds were Cody wouldn’t see his twelfth birthday, let alone reach sixteen and learn to drive.

“We should buy a lottery ticket, Mom,” he told her. “If we won big, we could get one of these now.”

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“And hire Tim.”

“Tim would never leave Nathan, but you could hire me,” Lance told her.

“It’s a deal.”

Cody looked at Lance. “Mr. King is, like, really rich, right?”

“We’re talking billions.”


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He’d come from nothing, Kerri thought, remembering her research on the man. He’d grown up in Bremerton, a navy town across the sound. He’d left for college and then had managed to amass an impressive fortune.

Maybe that’s what she’d done wrong, she thought humorously. She’d never graduated from college, and apparently beauty school didn’t count.

“Is the charity thing going to be boring?” Cody asked Lance.

“There are a lot of kids there, and games and the food is excellent,” Lance said. “You’ll have fun. There’s a huge arcade set up and all the games are free.”


Lance nodded, then turned his attention to Kerri. “I hate your lipstick. Do you have a different one?”

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She dug in her purse and found two at the bottom. Lance studied them both, then handed her the pink one.

“Put this one on top.”

As she did, she looked at Cody, who rolled his eyes.

“Not your thing?” she asked with a grin.

He sighed heavily. “Does this limo have a TV?”

a mental list of people he tried to avoid. Carol Mansfield was one of them. She was the tall, thin ex-wife of a high-powered executive and a successful boutique owner in her own right. She was the right age and had the right pedigree—she should have been someone he wanted to date. But there was something about Carol that made him think of a bird of prey coming in for the kill.

“You don’t usually attend these sorts of things,” Carol said as she put her hand on his arm. “You’re more the send-a-check type. Not that it isn’t lovely to see you.”

“I think this is an important cause.”

“Children’s charities?” She raised her eyebrows. “How charmingly unexpected. Are you meeting someone?”


“You keep looking around. Either you’re meeting someone or I’m boring you.” She laughed as if
the idea of her boring anyone was impossible to imagine.

“A friend.”

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“I see. A female friend?”

“Just someone I know.”

“Which means a woman. I didn’t know you were seeing someone.”

“I’m not. It’s not like that.”

He told himself he didn’t owe Carol an explanation, even as he wondered why he felt it necessary to make it clear he wasn’t dating Kerri. Maybe because she’d made it clear she wasn’t interested in him.

If she’d wanted to make sure nothing ever happened between them, she’d done a hell of a job, he thought grimly. Not knowing if her response was genuine or her twisted way of paying him back for the money put him in an impossible situation. Damn her.

He heard the sound of laughter and turned. The sun poked through the clouds just in time to light the entrance to the hotel and cast Kerri in a golden glow.

Maybe it was a trick of the light, but she looked good. Pretty and dressed to fit in. Her hair was curly, which was different but still appealing. She glanced behind her and he saw her kid moving easily on his crutches.

Nathan felt a subtle shift beneath his feet, as if there’d been an earthquake. He blinked and, instead of Cody, he saw his own son. Daniel on crutches,
then Daniel in a wheelchair, because that was next. He blinked again and his son was gone, but the reality of what would happen to Cody remained.

Nathan knew what it was like at the end. How the body weakened, how he would go from the chair to bed. How at the end, the drugs didn’t work and all the boy could do was scream from the pain.

He wanted to walk away, to be anywhere but here. What the hell had he been thinking when he’d agreed to the deal?

“You sent me an e-mail,” Kerri said by way of greeting.

“Yes. I needed to tell you where we’d be meeting and what time.”

“I know, but jeez. How did you get my e-mail address?”

“I have a file on you.”

“Sure, but my e-mail address? Isn’t that private?”

“Not in my world.”

She considered that for a second. “You could have just called.”

“E-mail is more efficient.”

“A phone call is more personal.”

“We don’t need to be personal.”

She smiled. “You say that now.”

Was she bringing up the kiss? Annoyance flared, but he ignored it. Emotions weren’t productive.

“So what’s the deal with this place?” Kerri asked. “Is there anything specific I should be doing?”

“Walk around with me and pretend you’re enjoying yourself.”

“Should I carry a sign telling the world I think you’re a god?”

“You’re a lot less reverent now that you have your money.”

“I know. Isn’t it fun?”

“Don’t talk about the money,” he said, ignoring her question.


“Just be friendly. Don’t give out personal information, don’t volunteer anything. If someone asks if we’re dating, say no, but don’t use a facial expression.”

“What? How can I know what my face is doing?”

“You know what I mean.”

“You’re giving me way too much credit.” She waved Cody forward. “Cody, this is Mr. King. Nathan, my son.”

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Trapped, Nathan shook hands with the kid without really looking at him.

“Nice to meet you,” Cody mumbled.

“You’d rather be anywhere but here, right?” Nathan asked. He pointed to the far corner, where a multicolored balloon arch beckoned. “All the kid stuff is there, including the free arcade.”

Cody grinned. “Sweet.”

“I’ll take him,” Lance said. “Make sure he doesn’t get lost.”

“Thanks,” Kerri told him. “I think I have to stay with Nathan and play grateful supplicant.”

“And here I thought you were sincere,” Lance said.

“I am.” Kerri’s eyes sparkled. “Have fun, Cody. Be good. Stay in the kids’ section until I come to get you.”

“Oh, Mo-om.”

She looked at Nathan. “That’s boy speak for ‘Why, yes, Mother. Of course I will. I would never give you a moment’s trouble because you are so loving and kind.’”

Cody grumbled something under his breath as he went off with Lance. Nathan watched them go, wondering if his relationship with Daniel had been so comfortable. He’d loved his son more than he’d ever loved any other person, but sometimes he hadn’t known what to do or say.

“He’s having a good day,” Kerri said happily. “I love the good days. They make me believe in miracles.”

“You have to be realistic,” Nathan said, oddly annoyed by her faith and optimism.

“No way.” She looked at him, her blue eyes narrowed. “If I was realistic, Cody would have been dead a long time ago. Faith matters. My grandmother was diagnosed with liver cancer and given six months to live. She refused to believe it. She thought her doctor was an idiot. She lived six years because she wanted to see me graduate from high school.” Some of the fight went out of her. “She did. She lasted until the following summer.”

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Kerri crossed her arms over her chest and stared at him. “So I’m a big believer in cheating death and I’ll take on anyone who says otherwise.”

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She radiated strength and power and an inner beauty he’d never noticed before. In that moment, he almost believed her. But he had a grave marker for a little boy that reminded him that miracles were a cheap trick and faith was for suckers.