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Because You' Re Mine Pdf free. download full

Because You're Mine PDF Free Download

Because You' Re Mine Pdf Free Download Free

if you find something unexpected on yourproperty you might be inclined to keepit Finders Keepers as the saying goesbut what if that unexpected thing was ahouse one man in Saskatchewan woke up tofind that strange sight in his field toShana Reed is here to explain whathappened next this is such an unusualstory what happened here it is actuallypretty funny Jennifer III genuinely Ilove that it's such a feel-good storybut Patrick maze he was driving to workaround 5:30 in the morning like henormally does and he was passing asection of his property and this is nearpilot boot Saskatchewan and he saysthere was something new when he drove byand that new thing is what you're seeingon your screen there a house take alisten to what he said happened thatmorning it was quite surprised usuallyI'm watching for deer or moose and andall of a sudden there was a house outwhere it doesn't usually belong so yacame across a house so he says that hethought maybe the house would be gone bythe next day it wasn't clear why it wasleft there but several days later onanother walk he says the house was stillthere so at that point he tried to solvethis mystery on his own by sharing hispredicament online in a Facebook postand that post garnered a lot ofattention it received a lot of commentsfrom hundreds of people who found thehumor in the situation finding a houseon your property but eventually the trueowner Brenda Robertson saw that post sosocial media bringing the owner owner totwo attention and she says thanks forputting this on Facebook or else I wouldhave had no idea and she also says shehad no idea that her home was sitting inthe on his property so the problem wassolved just through the magic ofFacebook he's not incredible and thennow the mystery why and how did thishouse end up sitting in the middle of afieldso Brenda Robertson she lives in LumsdenSaskatchewan and she says you know shehad ordered this house her familythought it was on its way from Winnipegwhich is where it was made but at somepoint the moving company was told thatthere was a problem with power permitsand that the house was supposed to goback to Winnipeg until that was sortedout however the movers they say thatsaskatchewan power told them toleave the house and that they tried tocontact the owners of the property butwere unable to reach them as soon as weheard his story we knew that we had tobring him on the show to find out moreand for good measure we've also foundthe owner of that surprise home so Iwant to say good morning Patrick Maysjoining us from Saskatoon and BrendaRobertson joining me from LumsdenSaskatchewan hello to you both all rightgood morning good morning hello okay Patwe got to start with you take us backit's early really early in the morningit's dark I gather you're on the way toan early meeting and you're drivingalong checking out your property whathappens yeah just outside of Reginaactually I was on my way to Saskatoon atabout 5:30 in the morning and usuallyI'm on the lookout you know there'sanimals on the road or things like thatand so you want to try kind of see ifit's dark out and suddenly realize thatthere's actually a house parked on myland and so it was quite surprisedbecause it's normally just a barequarter section so very surprised to seeit so surprised but this part gets mewell you feel you figured out right awayI guess it wasn't squatters but then youjust sort of shrug and leave it therefor a few days but then it was onlyafter it's still there after a few daysthen what's going through your mindright I had a full full day of meetingsand ended up coming back in and on theweekend went for a walk on Sunday and1had totally forgotten about the house1and then assumed it had been taken away1and it was still there and so that's1when I thought well something seems a1little strange here and so put out put1up on Facebook has anybody lost a house1right and it kind of went from there it1seemed like there was quite a reaction1on Facebook that people thought it was a1little unusual to find a house and I1gather you didn't even expect that the1owner would actually see your Facebook1post because what are the odds that1Brenda you would see this post how did1that come about and what went through1your mind well originally um a co-worker1of mine had seen it on Facebook and he1messaged me saying hey brigand is this1your house so I checked it out and um1and I was very surprised that yes that's1my house sitting on someone's land and1so what went through your mind when were1you expecting this house this beautiful1nice new house to be delivered well1originally it was1to be delivered on September 27th and1there was world construction in Winnipeg1where it was coming from so that got1delayed until October 25th so when it1didn't show up we made a few phone calls1and then movers said there was a problem1with the permits and they would get that1rectified and have it delivered okay1yeah so on Thursday when it didn't come1we made some more phone calls and what1we were told was there is a prominent1problem with permits that they were1going to get that rectified but they had1to go back to Winnipeg so we presumed1that the house was going back to1Winnipeg with him because he never said1that they were gonna drop it on you know1a piece of land and come back for it1right it would think that yeah yeah1and so what's the company saying to you1now Brenda they're saying it's supposed1to come today and the permits are all in1order now and the issue wasn't safety as1the house was you know had plenty of1clearance to go into the powerlines1but it was a minor discrepancy on the1permit paperwork itself did they explain1to you why though they decided this is a1good place to leave it1SAS Power had told them to put it right1there so they did they said they didn't1have a choice1so you then reach out on Facebook and1say to Patrick hey that's my house sorry1about that feel kind of badly and and1Patrick what do you think we don't get1that note well I mean it it's out in the1field so it's the farmers already taken1off the crop and won't need the field1again until spring and so I said well it1doesn't matter it can sit there as long1as it needs to and they can pick it up1when they're ready so yeah so you were1relieved but I get doesn't sound like1you were losing sleep over it no I knew1there must be some sort of a story1behind it I knew I probably wasn't gonna1get to keep it in the end so Finders1Keepers doesn't apply standard rules1wouldn't apply for Finders Keepers so I1knew that something was gonna happen1with it yeah so hopefully today yeah so1Brenda's been a long journey for you1with this house what's the rest of your1family and friends what are they saying1about this Oh everyone's having a good1chuckle over it and seeing all the1comments1Facebook and I'm just thankful that1Patrick's a very wonderful person1because he's taking this all in stride1and has been checking the house for us1so so we really appreciate that you're1dealing with it with all this because I1know when you're getting a new house it1I mean it's kind of an exciting time and1then to be delayed as is frustrating I'm1sure and a bit stressful so but yeah1it's all good it's wonderful to hear1happy ending in the middle of a newscast1you know people love that so thank you1so much for sharing your story and I I1gather you had an even met in person yet1so it's nice to see the two of you there1together I'm sure you'll be sharing some2chuckles about this once that you2finally get to move into that house2Brenda yes we will thank you very much2take care and good luck we will cross2our fingers that house comes today2Patrick maid and Brenda Robertson in the2case of the mysterious house which2showed up in the middle of a farmer's2field in Saskatchewan2