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Don't Turn Around PDF Free Download

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It’s a boring truth but audiences like structure. They want to know what they are going to get and have a sense of where they are in the trip from start to finish.

That’s one of the reasons why the Internet is littered with listicles – stories such as:

  • “Six ways to get that raise.”
  • “Four ways to know that she’s in love with you.”
  • “The six bosses you’ll have throughout your career.”

You know the sort of thing.

Such structures enable the reader to get a grip on both topic and length before she even clicks. Your audiences are no different - they feel secure in the knowledge that you’re going to share with them. Eg: Five secrets of staff engagement.

Don't Turn Around PDF Free Download

I am all in favour of free-flowing presentations (mine are) but they generally take greater skill to deliver and come with higher risk. Simple structures help audiences and will help you develop your presentation.

You can (and must) still ad lib some content, give examples, tell a story.

Rather than a list you might opt for explaining to the audience that you'll be answering four key questions:

  • Why don't my staff want to come to work?
  • How do I turn this business around in 12 months?
  • What will this do for my customers?
  • What will this do for my bottom line?

Once again, you get the idea. There's a clear structure though which you progress.

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