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The current vehicle pulling in, Wonton on Wheels, was owned by Sandra and Ronnie Chow, who had been friends of my parents since I could remember.


Also by Vivien Chien WONTON TERROR DEATH BY DUMPLING DIM SUM OF ALL FEARS MURDER LO MEIN Available from St. Martin's Paperbacks Praise for the Noodle Shop. Author: Vivien Chien. Martin's Paperbacks ISBN: 338 Category: Fiction Page: 320 View: 936 Read Now » In the fifth in Vivien Chien's Noodle Shop delectable mystery series, Egg Drop Dead, the Ho-Lee. Oryza glaberrima, commonly known as African rice, is one of the two domesticated rice species. It was first domesticated and grown in West Africa around 3,000 years ago. It is now rarely sold in West African markets, having been replaced by Asian strains. While it has been partly replaced by higher-yielding Asian rice, and the number of varieties grown is declining, it persists, making up an. Fatal Fried Rice is one of Vivien Chien’s best, and on par with Killer Kung Pao (book 6) and Murder Lo Mein (book 3). The great irony in the series of course highlights protagonist Lana Lee’s inability to cook any of the menu items at her family’s Chinese restaurant, keeping Lana strictly to her managerial duties when she isn’t solving.

Author: Vivien Chien

Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks

Fatal Fried Rice Pdf Free Download Free

ISBN: 9781250228352

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Category: Fiction

Page: 320

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In the fourth in Vivien Chien's Noodle Shop delicious mystery series, Ho-Lee Noodle House is ready to take the Cleveland night market by storm—until a brand-new food venue literally explodes onto the scene. Lana Lee is all smiles when the first evening of Cleveland’s Asian Night Market kicks off the summer. The weekly festival is always good for business, packed with locals and tourists, and this year, some stiff new food-truck competition. Wonton on Wheels, run by old friends of Lana’s parents, promises to have customers lining up for their delicately wrapped delights—until the truck blows up at evening’s end. Lana’s boyfriend, Detective Adam Trudeau, had been planning a birthday getaway for the two of them but, lo and behold, Lana must assume the role of amateur sleuth yet again. With one proprietor of Wonton on Wheels dead, it’s beginning to look more like murder and less like an unfortunate accident. And as they begin to unwrap layers of disturbing secrets, Lana’s own family erupts into new drama. Will Lana be able to solve this crime—or has she jumped from the wok right into the fire? “Thoroughly entertaining...fun and delicious.”—RT Book Reviews