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What are the law of attraction solutions to your everyday issues? Can you really use the law of attraction to solve your problems? For some the law of attraction is some phoney new age get-rich quick scheme. But many people have already changed their lives because of Rhonda Bryne’s book The Secret and the attention she has drawn to this intriguing idea.

Whether you’re a secret sceptic or a believer, you have to admit that the law of attraction has changed people’s lives. Whether this is through placebo or some real law (if there’s a difference) is up to you to believe. But as we know belief is the driving force of our lives, so why be a sceptic?!

Does the law of attraction actually work? You decide. But if your beliefs actually manifest your life in some way, it’s a good idea to believe in what you really want, not in your doubts and fears.

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Law Of Attraction Solutions

So what’s the solution to money problems, relationship issues or dealing with heavy emotional pain. Can the law of attraction really deal with debt and divorce, alcoholism or drug addiction? The law of attraction is the idea that your thoughts become your reality. This doesn’t happen immediately of course but over many years. Small things you can manifest quickly, like a cup of coffee. Large things take much longer; such as a soul mate, a dream job or a large sum of money.

What law of attraction solutions are there to hating your job, for example? Hating your job is a common one and applies for many people. Being in a constant state of negativity can have a knock-on effect for the rest of your life too; so it’s a good idea to do the things which make you happy. In the film the secret, Joe Vitale talks about feeling good. Good things come out of feeling good. When you’re in a state of bliss things naturally work out much better for you than when you’re in a state of misery, anger and/or helplessness.

Meditation – A Simple Solution

Meditation is a simple solution to everyday problems and can help you escape a negative state of mind. In the short term it can lower you heart rate, slow down your breathing and put you in a calmer place. If you practice meditation regularly, you’ll find your life improving as a result. Your mind can be your best friend or your worst enemy. For most people their mind works against them at least some of the time. When you practice mediation you learn to calm the mind and get into a more positive state.

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Doing so regularly will slowly change your outlook. You’ll look for ways to keep yourself in this calm state. Feeling anxious, depressed and unhappy won’t feel right and you’ll start creating a happier more positive state of mind as your default. But it starts with building the practice into your life. Start with a 5 minute meditation which you practice daily and build it up gently. But practice every day.

Loving Yourself

In Joe Vitale’s book Zero Limits he talks about the Hawaiian practice of ho’oponopono. This is another practice which helps you change your thought processes and general outlook. It’s also about taking full responsibility for your life and everything in it. Loving yourself as a practice is probably one of the most powerful things you can do to change your life. If you fully and completely love yourself, how would your life be different? How would you work? Would you put up with the things in your life right now?

A good practice is to create a mantra around loving yourself and repeat it daily. Whenever you notice your thoughts run wild, practice the phrase “I love myself” over and over. This might seem difficult at first, especially if your thoughts are contrary to this idea. But over time you’ll notice you will avoid negativity and create a new life from within. Your patterns of thought are based around your story so far. Change that story for a better one based on self love. See the law of attraction and self love.

Law Of Attraction Solutions

Sometimes we search so hard for the solution to life that we forget that we are the creators of all of our own problems! Therefore we can also solve them too! A solution to a problem you think exists may only be there because you’re creating it! Depressed people may simply not be taking enough exercise. Anxious people don’t have enough to do. Overweight people eat too much and don’t take enough exercise. Some law of attraction solutions are simple. In the search of something more meaningful we can often forget the simplest solutions to our problems – doing something different.

Fighting The Old

Fighting the old can often be a cause of much calamity too! The past is gone but so many of us still live there! Is your mind focused on the positive you want to manifest or the old battles which you’re still fighting? Can you remove yourself from a situation which is causing you difficulties? Perhaps you can remove a problem by thinking of it in a different way.

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Many times I’ve struggled in my mind when there was no problem there in reality.

The Teachings Of Don Juan

Fighting Attraction Pdf Free Download For Windows 7

In Victor Sanchez’s book The Teachings Of Don Carlos, he explains several useful strategies for stalking your own mental patterns of behaviour. One simple exercise in the book is to take a notebook and pen and use a recurring timer. Throughout your day set your timer to go off at intervals that will catch you off guard. When the timer goes off, take a note of your actions, and thoughts and note down on a scale of 1-10 how much you want what you are thinking and saying to yourself. Do this simple exercise over the course of several days. You’ll learn a lot about your mental thinking processes – many of which will be completely unconscious and have been built up over a number of years.

Fighting Attraction Pdf Free Download Pdf

Escaping this pattern is perhaps what led you to this article. Good luck!