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“Yes, I know where it is.” When she turned, eyes narrowed, he handed her the wine. “And yes, it happens to be one of my properties.”

“I really hate when that happens.” When he only grinned at her, she blew out a breath. “Anyway, she had the afternoon shift, got off just before five. From what we can tell, she went straight home — she ran a scan on her AutoChef at six, just about the time the outside camera picked up this bastard going into the building.”

Eve stared into her wine. “I’d say she missed dinner, too.”

“He’s working quickly.”

“And having a jolly old time with it. Looks to me like he wants to make his quota by New Year’s. I need to run her ‘link, her finances, her personal records. I’ve got to check out the pin. I’m getting nowhere with the Santa suit or the garland. How the hell do I connect a sweet administrative assistant to a lap dancer?”

“I know that tone.” With that he turned and moved to his console. “Let’s see what we can do.”

“I didn’t say anything about you running scans.”

He flicked a glance in her direction. “It was implied. What was her name?”

“It was not implied. Sarabeth — one word, no h — Greenbalm.” She walked over to stand with him behind the console. “I was simply running through my thoughts out loud. The address is 23B West One Hundred and Twelve.”


“Got it. What do you want first?”

“I can run her ‘link in the morning. Go with either personal or financial.”

“Financial would take you longer, let’s start with that.”

“No showing off,” Eve warned, then laughed when he snaked a hand around her waist and pulled her against his side.

“Of course I’m going to show off. Subject, Sarabeth Greenbalm,” he began, then nuzzled at Eve’s throat. “Residing West One Hundred and Twelve.” His hand slid up to cup her breast. “All financial records, latest transactions first.”


“Now,” he murmured, and turned Eve until their bodies meshed. “I should just have enough time to…” His mouth swooped down, drawing deeply from hers and sending the top of her head spinning somewhere near the lofty ceiling.

Data complete.

“Well.” He nipped her bottom lip. “Maybe not quite enough time. Your data, Lieutenant.”

She cleared her throat, exhaled. “You’re good.” Exhaled again. “I mean you’re really good.”

“I know.” And because she was just a bit off balance yet, he sat, pulling her until she tumbled into his lap.

“Hey, I’m working here.”

“Me, too.” Swiveling her to face front, he began to nibble at the back of her neck. “I’ll work on this, you work on that.”

“I can’t while you’re…” She hunched her shoulders, stifled a chuckle, and tried to concentrate on the data on screen. “Rent’s her biggest expense, followed by clothes. She’s got most of them marked costume for taxes. Stop it!” She slapped at the clever fingers that had already unbuttoned her blouse to the navel.

“You don’t need your shirt to read data,” he said reasonably and began sliding it off her shoulders.

“Look, pal, I’m still wearing my clutch piece, so — ” She sprang to her feet, making him mutter an oath. “Shit, shit. There it is. Son of a bitch. There’s the link.”

Resigned, he tucked away thoughts of seducing her and turned his attention to the screen. “Where?”

“There. Three thousand to Personally Yours by electronic transaction, six weeks ago.”

Her eyes were hot now, not with passion but power, as she swung around to face him. “She and Hawley used the same dating service. That’s not a coincidence. That’s a connection. I need her matches,” she murmured, then catching Roarke’s inquiring look, she shook her head. “No, we’ll do it the right way. By the book. I’ll go in tomorrow and get them.”

“It wouldn’t take me long to access.”

“It’s not legal.” She struggled to keep her face stern when that grin of his beamed at her. “And it’s not your job. But I appreciate it.”

“How much?”

She stepped back, stood between his legs, and looked down at him. “Enough to let you finish taking care of me.” She sat, straddling him. “After I take care of you, that is.”

“How about…” He fisted a hand in her hair and brought her mouth within a breath of his, “we take care of each other?”

“That’s a deal.”


Settled in her home office with weak winter sunlight dribbling through the window wall at her back, Eve organized her data. She intended to feed a report to her commander by mid-morning and had several blanks she wanted to fill in first.

Free Download Holiday Template

“Computer engage. Detail data on dating service enterprise known as Personally Yours located on Fifth Avenue in New York.”

Working… Personally Yours, established 2052 in Fifth Avenue location, owned and operated by Rudy and Piper Hoffman.

“Stop, confirm. Business in question is owned by Rudy and Piper Hoffman?”

Affirmative. Rudy and Piper Hoffman, fraternal twins, age twenty-eight. Residence 500 Fifth Avenue. Continue scan on Personally Yours?

“No, search and report, full data on owners.”


While her computer juggled its chips, she rose to get a cup of coffee. Fraternal twins, she thought as the AutoChef filled her request. Brother and sister. She’d tagged them as lovers. And now, thinking back, remembering the way they’d touched, moved together, the looks exchanged, she wondered if both she and the computer were right.

It was a thought that didn’t sit well in her gut.

A movement in the adjoining doorway caught the corner of her eye an instant before Roarke stepped into full view.

“Good morning. You’re up and about early.”

“I want to get my prelim report to Whitney first thing.” She took her coffee from the AutoChef, shook back her hair. “You want a cup of this?”

“Yes, I do.” He took hers, smiling when she frowned at him. “I’ll be in meetings most of the day.”

“What else is new,” she muttered and programmed the unit for a second cup of coffee.

“But you can reach me, if you need.”

She grunted, then glanced over as her computer signaled data search was complete. “Good. Okay, I’ve got — ” She yelped in surprise as he grabbed the front of her shirt and tugged. “Hey, what — Hold data,” she called out and shoved at her husband.

“I like the way you smell in the morning.” He leaned in and sniffed at her hair as he spoke.

“It’s just soap.”

“I know.”

“Get ahold of yourself.” But damn it, he had her blood up and pumping fast. “I’ve got work,” she muttered even as her arms came around him.

“So do I. I miss you, Eve.” He set his cup aside so he could hold her, just hold her.

“I guess we’ve both been busy the last couple of weeks.” It felt so good to lean against him and just be. “I can’t back off this case now.”

“I don’t expect you to.” For the pleasure of it, he rubbed his cheek against hers. “I wouldn’t want you to.” But it was the last case, what it had done to her, that weighed on his mind and his heart. “I’m content to steal a moment here and there.” He eased back, brushed his lips over hers. “I’ve always had a good hand at stealing… whatever.”

“You’re not supposed to remind me.” And, smiling, she framed his face with her hands.

From the doorway, Peabody watched them. It was too late to step back, too soon to step forward. Though they were only standing, his hands on Eve’s shoulders, hers on his cheeks, Peabody found it a wrenchingly intimate moment that had her face heating and her heart sighing with envy.

At a loss, she did the only thing she could think of and worked up the fake, faintly embarrassed cough of the intruder.

Roarke ran his hands down Eve’s arms, and smiled toward the doorway. “Good morning, Peabody. Coffee?”

“Um, yeah. Thanks. Uh… it’s pretty cold out.”

“Really?” Roarke said as Eve moved back toward her desk.

“Yeah, it’s not supposed to get up to freezing. We might get some snow flurries this afternoon.”

“What are you, the National Weather Service?” Eve demanded, then took a good look at her aide. Peabody’s face was flushed, her eyes soft, her hands busily plucking at her brass buttons. “What’s wrong with you?”

“Nothing. Thanks,” she said when Roarke brought her a cup of coffee.

“You’re welcome. I’ll leave you to work.”

When he walked through the adjoining doorway and closed it off, Peabody sighed. “I don’t know how you can remember your name when he looks at you the way he does.”

Holiday In Death PDF Free Download

“If I forget it, he reminds me.”

Holiday in death pdf free download hd

Though she heard the wry humor in Eve’s voice, Peabody stepped closer. “What’s it like?”

“What?” Glancing up, Eve caught the intensity in her aide’s eyes and shrugged uncomfortably. “Peabody, we’ve got work here.”

“Isn’t that what it’s about?” Peabody interrupted. “Isn’t what you’ve got what those two women were looking for?”

Eve opened her mouth, then shut it again. She glanced toward the connecting doors, saw that Roarke had closed them, but hadn’t engaged locks on either side. “It’s more than you think it can be,” she heard herself say. “It changes everything, and fixes everything that matters. Maybe you’re never going to be the same, and maybe part of you is always afraid of what will happen if… but he’s always going to be there. All you have to do is reach out, and he’s going to be there.”

Surprised at herself, she slipped her hands into her pockets. “Can you find that by pumping data into a computer system and letting it run personality and lifestyle matches? I don’t know. But we’ve got two dead women who thought it was worth a try. Pull up a chair, Peabody, and we’ll see what we’ve got.”

“Yes, sir.”

“We’ll run a full search of Jeremy Vandoren. Instincts aside, we need to confirm or eliminate. Once we have full data on all five matches on the Hawley list, we’ll pay another visit to Personally Yours.”

“Detective McNab, reporting for duty.”

Eve looked over and saw Ian McNab swagger into the room. He had a big, satisfied grin on his pretty face, a knee-length vest in eye-searing fuchsia over his Christmas-green jumpsuit, and a striped ribbon of both colors binding back his long sweep of glinting gold hair.

Feeling Peabody stiffen like a flagpole beside her, Eve nearly sighed.

“How’s it going, McNab?”

“It’s going good, Lieutenant. Hey there, Peabody.” He winked cockily then set a hip on the desk. “Captain Feeney said you could use me on this Santa case. I’m here to serve. Got anything to eat?”

“See what’s in the AutoChef.”

“Mag. Working for you, Dallas, has rocking benefits.” He wiggled his brows suggestively at Peabody then walked over to forage breakfast.

“If you were going to use that pinhead,” Peabody muttered under her breath, “why can’t he work out of EDD?”

“Because I wanted to irritate you, Peabody. It’s my main goal in life. Since you’re here, McNab,” Eve continued, “you can take over these searches. Peabody and I need to go out in the field.”

“Just line them up,” he said, taking a huge” bite of a blueberry Danish. “I’ll knock them back.”

“When you’ve finished stuffing your face,” Eve said mildly, “run the names in the Hawley file — all data.”

“Took care of the ex last night,” he said with his mouth full. “Can’t find any break in his alibi so far.”

“Okay.” She appreciated the fast return, but decided not to mention it and have Peabody pouting all day. “I’ll be sending you another list from the field — run those names, then do a cross-check between the lists. Take a good look at the Hoffman twins, Rudy and Piper. I want anything that pops. And run this.”

She turned back to her computer, called up the evidence file, and shot out a hologram of the second brooch. “I want to know who made this piece, how many were manufactured, where they were sold, how many were sold, and to whom. Cross-check that with the first pin found on Hawley’s body. You getting this, McNab?”