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Magic stars pdf free download for windows 7

Author: Vivian E. Robson


Publisher: Astrology Center of America

ISBN: 9781933303130

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 264

Magic Stars Pdf Free Download Windows 10

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Magic Stars Pdf Free Download For Windows 7

Ancient astrologers declared stars 'fixed' to distinguish them from wandering stars, which they called planets. This book is the distillation of two thousand years of astrological research. It is a comprehensive survey of fixed stars in natal & mundane astrology, the stars & constellations of medieval magic, and fixed stars in astrometeorology. Robson gives their traditional meanings & their effects when combined with planets & angles. Convenient tables & a comprehensive index make this volume easy to use. Included are some 110 named stars, as well as 48 ancient constellations & 60 modern ones. Arabic, Chinese & Hindu lunar mansions are also discussed. Since its first publication in 1923, this book has been the classic on fixed stars, the one to which everyone since has referred. About the author: Vivian Erwood Robson, 1890 - 1942, was a librarian by trade. Like many librarians he had a natural bent for research, and, in his particular case, astrology. He studied ancient astrologers closely, including Ptolemy & William Lilly. His books on fixed stars, electional astrology & relationships are 20th century classics. ar