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  • Welcome, my AMS friends. Type-0, codenamed 'Magician' (魔術師, Majutsu-shi?), was a male, synthetic humanoid creature with pyrokinetic and levitational powers. He is a recurring boss throughout the mainline House of the Dead series, debuting in the 1996 video game The House of the Dead. Originally created by Dr. Curien, Magician appeared in three biological engineering-related incidents.
  • Jul 31, 2021 Murray Sawchuck is a celebrity magician, comedian, host, illusionist who hosts a family friendly comedy magic show in Las Vegas at the Tropicana.

Magician: a person skilled in using supernatural forces. Synonyms: charmer, conjurer, enchanter Find the right word. GAMES & QUIZZES THESAURUS WORD OF.

Inclusivity & Diversity in Magic Conference

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Magic’s First Inclusivity and Diversity Conference will take place in conjunction with Jeff Mcbride’s Magic & Mystery School on August 27th to 29th. Read More

Information for I.B.M. Members Regarding the 2021 Annual Business Meeting

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The Board Meetings and Annual Business Meeting that would normally take place at the Annual Convention will again be happening on Zoom on July 25, 2021. All I.B.M. Members in good standing are welcome to attend. Read More

I.B.M. Ring Meetings Start to Take Place In Person Again

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As I.B.M. Rings are starting to meet again in person. International President Stephen Bargatze attended his own local meeting, and handed out some well-deserved Presidential Citations. Read More


Steven Paul Carlson
Master Magician - Sleight of Hand Artist

Steven Carlson, performing close-up magic at The Theater in the Round, Minneapolis.
Steven Paul Carlson has been the premier sleight of hand magician in the upper Midwest for over 40 years.
'It was amazing to have a world-class professional perform at our event, and he even tailored his performance to fit our theme.' - R. Ausland
'I hired Steven for my 50th birthday party and he dazzled and delighted our group of about 20 with close-up magic. Not only does he have exceptional talent as a magician, but also an innate flair for storytelling with a poet's heart. Steven is really beyond star ratings -- he is on the unicorn plane of rare greatness.' - H.J. Hinton
'My favorite thing about Steven's style is how he adds dimension to his performance by incorporating stories.' - A. Lannone
'We booked Steven Carlson for a corporate party of about 50 guests and he was the star of the evening. We've booked many types of entertainment for our parties in the past, but many agreed that the strolling magic was the best. Steven was engaging, funny and the magic was stunning.' - E. Burgeson

St. Paul Pioneer Press, October 21st 2017
Audience praise for Apartment 101, magic.
“Magical, enchanting, impossible, surprising.”
“Steven’s work is beautiful to watch.”
“It was a magical evening.”
“Steven’s command of language and storytelling parallels his prestidigitation prowess.'

Famous Magicians

Elegant Coin Magic, Steven Paul Carlson from Steven Paul Carlson on Vimeo.

'If you are looking for a total pro to entertain and wow your guests, look no further. Steven Carlson is a top-notch magician, skilled performer…' - R. Ausland

Minneapolis Minnesota Magician, Steven Paul Carlson has mystified, enchanted and entertained audiences all over the USA for over 35 years.
Having recently returned from performing at the Excalibur Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV
Steven Carlson is proud to present his art of sleight-of-hand magic to the Twin City area.
Steven’s elegant magic will compliment and enhance any party or event, from private to corporate. Steven’s close-up magic, strolling magic, and stage magic are designed to work perfectly for any event or size of group.
Steven is a master magician and an expert sleight-of-hand artist. Steven’s stunning magical performance creates a powerful, memorable experience for the audience one they will remember for many years.
Contact Steven today and let him show you how his elegant Magic entertainment can help make your next event the best ever!

Magic that mystifies the mind, enriches the soul and enchants the heart. ©

Magician Tarot

'Magic inspires wonder and wonder gives birth to imagination.'
- Steven Paul Carlson
“They may forget what you said - but they will never forget how you made them feel.”
- Carl W. Buehner
Contact Steven today to discuss your event needs!
Minneapolis, MN
[email protected]

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