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Becoming a phlebotomy technician is often considered a stepping stone to other health care profession. Anyone who starts out as a phlebotomist can work to gain the highest level in the field of phlebotomy or venture to other related jobs, including a medical technician, nurse or even a doctor. This goes to show that being a phlebotomist can open doors for you, provided that you continually update your skills and knowledge. The good news is there are plenty of options to start out or improve in this field. And you don’t even have to pay for it.

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Free Phlebotomy Training Courses and Materials

The internet is not called the information superhighway for nothing. It not only provides you with plenty of resources related to phlebotomy, but free online courses as well, and from notable institutions at that. Unlike a paid training, however, free online materials don’t mean you’ll get university credits or grades, as these are only afforded to students who have completed a formal training program or exam. Nonetheless, it will prepare you for the real thing, and passing any exam would be a breeze.

  1. JCHS Library

The Medical Laboratory Science section of the JCHS Library has a specific link to plenty of things phlebotomy (, from web resources and videos to book suggestions. Simply click on any of the links listed and be redirected to a free resource. Phlebotomy Tutorial, for example, includes steps in Routine Venipuncture and Specimen Handling, and even information about the Patient’s Bill of Rights.

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  1. Blood Collection Tube Top Colors

Tops of blood collection tubes have a specific color to indicate the kind of additive it has. What should be used heavily depends on the procedure involved. When Hematology (CBC) is needed, for instance, a tube with a purple top must be used. It contains an additive EDTA. With the number of tubes for blood collection, it is important to know all about them. This is exactly what you will learn in this tutorial from Austin Community College. Through illustrations and descriptions, you will learn about the methods used for color-coding the blood collection test tubes, follow the correct blood draw procedure, and prevent contamination of samples. This is probably the most straightforward free phlebotomy training information on this particular subject.

Payment in blood pdf free. download full
  1. Arterial Puncture
Payment In Blood PDF Free Download

Collecting blood samples is no walk in the park and standard procedures must be followed at all times. Considering that this is the core of phlebotomy, you might want to start learning about this particular procedure. The Loyola University – Chicago provides a comprehensive list of steps involved using illustrated notes and videos. Through the resource, you will learn about how to care for patient before, during and after blood collection. You will also gain knowledge about syringe prep and potential complications that can happen in what seems to be a simple process to complete. From these lessons alone, you will learn a lot of things that will give you a head start. The free phlebotomy training resource also include a multiple quiz choice that will help gauge how well you know, understand and fully grasp that training you just went through.

  1. LabNotes

LabNotes are published by BD Diagnostics with the aim to keep readers updated on the current issues on safety and efficiency in the clinical laboratory environment. Considering that the laboratory landscape is constantly changing, staying updated will help you cope and adapt to the dramatic changes in the healthcare delivery systems. The LabNotes has expanded its categories to include employees who collects and handles specimen. Newsletters are available, which focus on best practices and job safety. It also covers studies related to phlebotomy, such as how to choose blood specimen type and techniques on capillary blood collection.

Three of the latest notes are the following:

  • Volume 20, No.1 – 2009 Capillary Blood Collection: Best Practices plus more… (
  • Volume 19, No.1 – 2009 The Evolution of Blood Collection Tubes plus more… (
  • Volume 18, No.1 – 2008 Error Proofing the Laboratory plus more… (
  1. Infection Prevention

Engender Health is a reproductive health organization that offers an online brochure outlining infectious diseases that healthcare providers might be exposed to. It is in a form of PDF file that you can view online or download for future reference. Through this resource, you will get an extensive idea about effective prevention methods, including hand hygiene with soap and water, gloving tips, use of antiseptics, and proper instrument decontamination and disposal.

  1. Patient Communication Skills

As the name suggests, this free phlebotomy training material tackles one of the most sensitive and essential topics on patient care procedure. Since drawing blood is often a terrifying experience for most patients, your communication skills must be up to par. But being courteous and talking gently is just the top of an iceberg, so to speak. While it was previously geared towards dental students, this free resource from the University of Michigan has become a helpful tool to other health care workers. The site has handouts in PDF formats and videos for a clearer reference. You have the option to download only the materials that you wish to use or all of it, which is highly recommended.

Through these materials, you will not only learn about essential communication skills, but also patient interaction and interview, and cross-cultural communication between you and a patient. With the number of resources on the site, you will realize that in phlebotomy or other health care sectors, communication is not just about making conversations.

  1. Medical Terminology

Similar to other professionals, the healthcare sectors have their own jargons that any aspiring phlebotomist must be aware of. It is not enough that you know all the terminologies in the field that you are interested in. You must also familiarize other terms, since you are likely to encounter them at some point in your career. The online medical terminology course from Des Moines University got you covered. Through it, you will know the associated terms with the various systems of the body — circulatory, digestive, musculoskeletal, nervous, reproductive, respiratory and urinary.

At the end of the course, a quiz is included to test how well you have familiarized the terms. If you want to get a certificate, you can pay the registration free, which is less than $100. The choice is really up to you.

  1. Phlebotomy Technician Certification Preparation

Published on Phlebotomy Training Finder is a free resource that lists several materials that can help you prepare for the certification exam. Whether you underwent free or formal training, a free phlebotomy training resource that can boost your confidence in taking the exam is sure to be a blessing. On this site, you will have access to review materials, reading list and resources, practice flashcards from National Center for Competency Testing, and practice questions from NHA, a leading provider of allied health medical certification.

Payment In Blood Pdf Free Download Pdf

Taking steps to see your dream of becoming a phlebotomist come true is no longer that difficult now that there are plenty of free phlebotomy training resources online. Just typing in a few key terms will open up a world of free materials that you can use to prepare for formal training or to help you decide if being a phlebotomist is the right career for you.

Payment In Blood Pdf Free Download Free

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