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Build a Table Saw Jig Collection

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Of course making accurate and precise cuts on your table saw Table Saw is important to all woodworkers. But safety is at least as important as accuracy. If you stop paying attention, even for an instant, you can have an injury serious enough to require stitches. Even worse, you could lose a finger!

Below are Six Free Jig Plans to Help You Get the Most From Your Table Saw

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Experienced woodworkers are well aware that there are some rules we must follow to get the most precise cuts possible and avoid injury at the same time.

  • First and foremost, keep all of your attention on what you're doing
  • Keep your hands and fingers safely away from the blade.
  • Whenever possible, clamp your workpiece. When ripping a reasonably wide workpiece, you may be able to keep your fingers safe, but smaller pieces can be an accident waiting to happen.
  • When cross cutting large workpieces, the workpiece can easily bind up on the sawblade and get jerked out of your hand.
  • When cutting tapered workpieces, you really need to be able to clamp the workpiece to a sled to get precise cuts.
  • Build these Table Saw Jigs with our free plans and they will enable you to clamp your work for safety and precision.
  • The Safety Handles ensure that your hands and fingers remain safely away from the saw blade at all times.
  • The embedded T-Track along with various clamps you can either buy or make yourself provide a way to firmly secure the workpieces while making the cuts.

Since our plans are free, there is no risk to you. You can download and look over the plans and then decide if you want to build the project.

Copyright Notice

We hope you enjoy the free woodworking plans offered on this site. You are invited to download any of the plans free of charge for your own use. Please be aware that the plans are copyrighted and may not be distributed by any person or company except here on

If you know a friend that would like a copy of any of our plans, please send him/her a link to our site so they can download them from here. We always welcome new visitors.

Click the approiate Download button below for your free plans PDF file.When the plans open in your PDF viewer, be sure to save the file to your hard drive.

Build the Basic Table Saw Sled

The basic Table saw jig or some may call it a table saw sled is shown above. Note that the piece of plain MDF board on the left of the blade is to support the cut-off piece of wood at the same level as the wood on the jig itself.

Cutting Accurate Tapers

When your woodworking project requires multiple tapered pieces, the Tapering Jig uses moveable guides and stops that enable you to precisely clamp the workpieces so each tapered piece is accurate and identical.

Table Saw Mitering Jig

It' true that most all table saws come with a simple mitering gauge. But the simple mitering gauge that comes with table saws requires us to hold the workpiece against the mitering gauge while cutting.

In many cases, the blade tends to pull the workpiece to one side which can affect the accuracy of the cut. This mitering jig reduces the chance for error by clamping the workpiece to the sled.

How to Make Safety Handles

We have free plans for two Safety handles. One has a knob on each side of the base and is for placing the handle toward the middle of the Sled when cross cutting.

The other has knobs in the front and rear of the base and is for placing the handle along the side of the sled when using it as a tapering jig. Of course you can make either or boths types as you choose.

Table Saw Tenoning Jig

When you need to cut tenons on a table saw, the workpiece should be securely clamped in a vertical position. Attempting to cut tenons by holding the workpiece freehand is an accident waiting to happen. There is too much of a chance that the workpiece will bind and kick back.
This tenoning jig enables you to securely clamp the workpiece in exactly the correct position and then make the cut accurately and safely. The height of the cut is determined by setting the Table Saw blade. The tenonin jig is designed to slide side to side enabling you to set the exact width of the cut.

Clamp Pieces Securely and Accurately

There are quite a variety of hold down clamps that may be used to clamp workpieces with T-Track. I decided to call this version a three point clamp because the two pads in the front contact the workpiece and the height adjustable foot in the rear contacts the table saw sled.

The adjustable foot enables the clamp to be used with a variety of workpiece thicknesses.

There is a long slot in the center that a T-Track bolt goes through for tightening the clamp against the table saw sled or other work surface with embedded T-Track..

We really cannot say enough about table saw safety. For some more excellent info on keeping your hands and fingers safe, check out this page at

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