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The Granite Orchard

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  • Cherry trees are in bloom, it is a chilly morning outdoors, in the orchard. The windows in the room are shut. Dunyasha enters, lighting the way with a candle, followed by Lopakhin, who is holding a book. LO: The train’s come. What time is it? (She blows out the candle.) It’s already light. LO: So how late was the.

The Orchard Pdf free. download full

  • Author : Eddie Ray McMurray
  • Publisher : Granite Orchard
  • Release Date : 2019-10-06
  • Genre: Poetry
  • Pages : 310
  • ISBN 10 : 1513636367

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GET BOOKThe Granite Orchard Book Description :

With unique and introspective vision and the critical eye of a poet, in his Seven Book collection, Eddie Ray McMurray brings us a 'graveside view', that leads us on a journey into the lives and deaths of innumerable historic and fictional characters; exposing what he, they, and we all might feel when viewing the specter of approaching death. In this setting, Mr. McMurray, through the avenue of poetry, explores every nuance of the subject of death and dying, though he contends that this is not about death, but about life. Poet, Eddie Ray McMurray is one for the ages and you will be granted the remarkable privilege of walking with him through an immense, though imaginary, Granite Orchard (his euphemism for a cemetery) to peer into history, culture, politics, and the lives of the poor, the famous, the infamous, the noble, the ignoble, murderers, villains, saints, and the fascinating people from his childhood. Prepare to be entertained and to fall in love with poetry as never before. Everyone is bound to find someone they knew and admired.