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    Building the Perfect PDF

    Kelly McCathranService Provider EvangelistAdobe Systems Inc.

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    What is PDF and When Did It Become the Standard

    Adobe first introduced Acrobat in 1993 creating the open-source file format. PDF files are compact and can be shared, printed, viewed and searched by anyone using the free Adobe Reader application when created properly. To date, more than 500 million copies of Reader have been downloaded. Adobe PDF documents are readable and searchable on over 13 platforms.

    PDF Really started to take off in the late 90s and after the year 2000 became a world-wide standard for document distribution

    Acrobat is one of the few Adobe applications that kept is version number, instead of adding CS (for Creative Suite) to the file name

    Objects ImagesFontsLayout

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    Create a PDF file that anyone can open and


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    Adobe Acrobat 8

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    Evolution of Acrobat


    Acrobat 8Fall 2006 Acrobat 7

    Dec 2004 Acrobat 6April 2003

    User Experience


    JDF Automation


    JDF creation

    Enhance and Optimize Automate corrections

    JDF workflow with validation


    Creation and preflight Expanded creation and validation

    Acrobat and ReaderEmail and browser

    Server-based reviews and Acrobat Connect

    Acrobat only

    Industry specific featuresIndustry specific workflows

    Product segmentation

    Universal Binary

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    Common File Problems

    Fonts Embed ALL fonts, not just Subset for High-End Print

    Edits and many imposition programs require fonts

    InDesign automatically embeds all into PDF when set to 0% (not 100%)

    Embedded Subset is the default for all PDF Settings and is preferred for Office Quality Printing, On-Screen Presentations or Web-Based PDFs

    Colors Color can be controlled through ICC Profiles, so the PDF displays

    and prints the same as the original file

    Images The Resolution of images can often be lowered during PDF

    creation, there are different settings for different uses of PDF

    Version Compatibility Dont make a PDF that requires a newer version of Adobe Reader if

    your client is slow to upgrade, there are exceptions to this rule

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    Methods to Create a PDF

    There are a variety of methods for creating PDF documents, some are notably better than others.

    1. PDFMaker This button for Microsoft Office applications is available on either PC or Mac, but is only fully functional on the PC. Users press one button and PDF Maker writes PostScript, Distills, creates Bookmarks, Links and Tags.

    2. Print to Adobe PDF Printer With this method, from any application, users can Print to the Distiller printer driver. This will create a PostScript file (behind the scenes), generate a PDF based on the selected set of Adobe PDF Settings. With this method, no Bookmarks, Links or Tags are created.

    3. Print to PostScript and Distill This is the longest lasting and typically preferred method for Press Ready PDFs. On the Windows platform, some PostScript files may have the extension .prn instead of .ps.

    4. Save As... (if you are running CS2 or CS3)In the past this was not a reliable method to generate a PDF, now that Creative Suite 2 & 3 share Adobe PDF Settings, it is blessed. As with all workflows, check with your printer for their recommendations.

    5. Native Export to PDF... Programs such as InDesign and QuarkXPress 6.x -7 offer a native Export to PDF. Check with your print shop to see if they accept these files. Quark does some odd things with its native export to PDF, so often method number 3 is preferred for those users.

    Recommended Method

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    Methods to Create a PDF continued

    None of these methods should be used for high-end print.6. PDFWriter

    PDFWriter is a quick and dirty non-PostScript printer driver that converts files directly to Adobe PDF from any application. This method should never be used. This driver was designed for applications that can not write PostScript, or with documents that dont contain complex graphics.

    7. OS 10 on the MacMac OS 10 (X) now offers creation of PDF directly through the print dialog. This saves the PDF with the images at actual resolution, but only includes the characters used, or a Subset, of the fonts. Remember its FREE, which means you get what you pay for.

    8. Screen Shot PDFOS 10 on the Mac also allows the capture of a screen shot (picture of the screen) as a native PDF, through Command Shift 3 or Command Shift 4. They appear on the Desktop as Picture 1.pdf (Picture 2, 3, etc.). In Windows users can hit Alt Print Screen and choose in Adobe Acrobat File > Create PDF > From Clipboard Image.

    9. Third PartyThere are many Third party products which offer a very inexpensive, if not free creation of PDF files. Check with your Print Service Provider to see if the one you are choosing will be building printable PDFs.

    10. JavaScript For the programmers out there, users can create a blank PDF file via a JavaScript command: Doc ();

    11. Web CaptureFile > Create PDF > From Web Page (Command Shift O or Ctrl Shift O)

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    PDF Document Version v.s. Acrobat Application Version

    Acrobat Version PDF Specification Differences

    Version 3 1.2 No Spot Color Support, 40 Bit Encryption

    Version 4 1.3 ICC Color Management, Smooth Shading, 40 Bit Encryption

    Version 5 1.4 Transparency, 128 Bit RC4 Encryption

    Version 6 1.5 Layers, Transparency, 128 Bit RC4 Encryption, Embedded Multimedia content

    Version 7 1.6 RC4 & AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) Encryption, Embedded Multimedia content

    Version 8 1.7 Support for 3D, New Printer Controls including paper selection, page range, copies, and scaling, support for portable collections, Polyline & Polygon now have scale & measurement-aware dimensions attached to them, more Tags

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    Document Properties

    No PDF file should leave your system without first inspecting its Document Properties File > Properties (Command D or Ctrl D). This will tell something about how thefile was created.

    The Version of the PDF file

    Fonts embed status Fully Embedded

    Embedded Subset

    Not in the file at all

    Security settings

    Initial View/Open Options

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    Font Embed Status

    Once a PDF has been created, it is important to check that the fonts made it into the document, fully, this can also be found under File > Properties (Command D or Ctrl D) then click the Fonts section at the top.

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    Acrobat Distiller

    Distiller is the program that runs behind the scenes to create your PDFs. To launch Distiller:

    Launch Acrobat

    Choose Advanced > Print Production > Acrobat Distiller

    Once Distiller launches, the window will show the default Settings which are called Standard

    To customize these settings choose Settings > Edit Adobe PDF Settings (Ctrl E or Command E)

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    General PDF Settings

    In the General tab, PDF authors can select version Compatibility with Acrobat 3 8 The current recommended setting is Acrobat 4 (PDF 1.3) for most print shops and Acrobat 5 if the printer is accepting responsibility for Transparency Flattening.

    You can only get Un-flattened Transparency if you Export from InDesign or choose File > Save As from Illustrator

    Any PDF Created from a PostScript file or Printed to the PDF Printer has the Transparency already flattened in the print stream

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    Compression SettingsWeb or On Screen

    Web based PDFs need the smallest possible file size. Most monitors can not display a resolution above 72 ppi, therefore color and grayscale images should be set to:

    72 ppi 108 ppi (leaving a little resolution in case they zoom in

    Line Art (Monochrome or Bitmap images with no shades of gray) is typically acceptable at 300 ppi

    For Image quality (the jpeg or zip compression setting) in color and grayscale images, a setting of Medium or Low is recommended, to keep the file size down

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    Compression SettingsOffice Quality or Print on Demand

    Laser, Inkjet and most Print on Demand devices do not need 300 ppi for image resolution, it is overkill.

    A resolution of 150 - 225 ppi (pixels per inch) is sufficient for color or grayscale photos

    Line Art (Monochrome) is typically acceptable between 300 - 450 ppi

    High is recommended for Image Quality compression settings

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    Compression SettingsPress Quality

    For high end printing, the rule of thumb is 2 x lpi (lines per inch, or halftone screen) is the best resolution for color and grayscale. Commonly resulting in 300 ppi.

    300 ppi or (2 x lpi) for color or grayscal

  • Author : Phillip Fields
  • Release Date : 31 December 2019
  • Publisher : Xulon Press
  • Categories : Family & Relationships
  • Pages : 232 pages
  • ISBN 13 : 1630502340
  • ISBN 10 : 9781630502348
  • Format : PDF, ePUB, KF8, PDB, MOBI, AZW

Pdf Free Download Windows 10

Synopsis : The Unperfect Marriage Liberation for Couples Trapped in the Fantasy of Perfection written by Phillip Fields, published by Xulon Press which was released on 31 December 2019. Download The Unperfect Marriage Liberation for Couples Trapped in the Fantasy of Perfection Books now! Available in PDF, EPUB, Mobi Format.How to Get Over Wanting a Perfect Marriage Marriage is messy. Ours has been very messy, but we found the deepest love developed in our biggest struggles. Through our discoveries, we grew up and learned to practice connection. Money, status, and things did not bring us happiness. Buying the nice house, getting good jobs, having more money, and finding the best schools for our kids did not improve our marriage. We turned the pursuit of stuff into a quest for certainty and security. The trouble is that our pursuit of the American Dream/fantasy put us on the performance treadmill. After years of pleasing, perfecting, performing, and, many times, hustling to get it right, we've come to the conclusion that we are enough. We are enough to Jesus and we are enough to each other. 'The Unperfect Marriage' is a book to bring liberation for couples trapped in the fantasy of perfection. Jesus showed us how to receive His perfect love in our imperfectness. We hope it will inspire you to do the same thing.