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Particular location (on-premise) such as hotel, restaurant, or at the customer’s intended premises (off-premise). F&B Services – Definition Food and Beverage Services can be broadly defined as the process of preparing, presenting and serving of food and beverages to the customers. F&B Services can be of the following two types. Find & Download Free Graphic Resources for Restaurant. 498,000+ Vectors, Stock Photos & PSD files. Free for commercial use High Quality Images.

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Ebooks & Reports

  • Menu Power Words -- Your menu is one of your most powerful selling tools. It should be more than just a list of items, ingredients and prices with bland descriptions. It should tell your story with flair and tap into your customers emotions. A study showed that a restaurant can increase sales by up to 30% just by using enticing menu descriptions on their menu. Spice up your menu with this list of descriptive words and phrases. (PDF)

  • Up-Selling Report -- 17 Sure-fire selling sentences for higher ticket averages. Statistics show that at the very moment of purchase 30%-60% of all people can be easily up-sold. They've already picked you. Their money is on the table. They're in 'buying' mode. They are HOT! There is NO faster, easier way to generate instant cash – than with upselling. (PDF)

  • The Five Hour Restaurant Work Week - Chapters 9 & 10 - This is a great book! In this download author and longtime independent restaurant owner, Edmund Woo, shares two of the best chapters - Chapter 9 on Training and Chapter 10 on Marketing. It's an absolute must read for all operators. (PDF)

  • 101 Leasing Tips for Restaurant Tenants -- Packed with tips for your next negotiation. 'Guaranteed To Help Tenants Negotiate With Any Landlord... And Save Thousands Of Dollars On A Commercial Lease Or Renewal.' (PDF)

  • Real Restaurant Marketing Campaigns and Their Results -- Seeing the marketing strategies other restaurants have used and what results those campaigns delivered, is invaluable. That's what this report offers -- a chance to discover how restaurants like yours are generating more leads and increasing sales with postcard marketing. (PDF)

  • Loyalty Report -- Tips on increasing your share of business in your market. Discover how to affordably, automatically and predictably increase sales using technology. Attract customers and keep them forever by giving them continual and repeated reasons to return and spend money with you – over and over and over. (PDF)

  • How to Automatically Turn New Movers into New Money for Your Restaurant -- In this 23-page e-book, restaurant marketing expert Michael Attias shares the secrets that will have you walking away with a master marketer’s mindset -- the skill you must have to thrive in your restaurant business. (PDF)

  • 10 Easy Marketing Tips -- There are ways to get the word out about your restaurant without busting your budget or taking away from the time you need to run your restaurant. These 10 easy marketing tips will help you crank up your revenue without undercutting what you’ve worked so hard to build. (PDF)

  • The Five Most Dangerous Restaurant Marketing Mistakes -- This report is meant to help you recognize five dangerous marketing mistakes and provide you with some alternatives. (PDF)

  • 25 Common Restaurant Business Mistakes -- Every restaurant owner makes mistakes! This report highlights some of the common mistakes to try to help you evade the same decisions. (PDF)

  • The Profit Power of One More Visit -- Chasing after people with expensive mass-media using crazy profit murdering discounts and coupons is the hardest, most expensive and least productive way to drive sales. This report shows how just one extra visit from your customers has huge impact on the bottom line. (PDF)

  • The Restaurant Marketing Report -- In this special 22 page report Nathan discusses the challenges inherent in advertising and marketing for smaller restaurants. He then shares insights from his research and delves into the 'Restaurant Marketing Funnel' as an important tool for achieving marketing success through customer attraction and relationship development. (PDF)

  • Dining Service Quiz -- 10 Tips To Help You Quickly Improve Dining Room Service & Increase Restaurant Profits. (PDF)

  • 25 Restaurant Business Rules -- These 25 rules are the secret principles that successful businessmen and women employ as the underlying foundations for running their businesses. Use them yourself as guiding principles for your restaurant business. (PDF)

  • Using Local Social -- Tips, techniques and a case study on how best to launch your brand in a new market. Includes a template for posting local content on social media. (PDF)

  • Using Online Restaurant Coupons -- This special 23 page report discusses how restaurants can use online coupons to generate new customer leads, more return visits and bigger profits. (PDF)

  • The Essential Guide to Restaurant Grease Traps -- What They Are, Why They Clog, and How to Prevent Backups and Emergencies from Costing Thousands of Dollars This Year. (PDF)

  • Credit Card Processing Whitepaper -- Tips on justifying merchant service fees. (PDF)

Forms / Lists / Spreadsheets

  • Steps of Service Checklist (Word)
  • Hands-on Training Activities Checklist (Word)
  • Bonus Plan Example for Managers & Staff (PDF)
  • Food Sales Tracking Sheet (PDF) (XLS)
  • Beverage Sales Tracking Sheet (PDF) (XLS)
  • Hourly Sales & Customer Counts (PDF) (DOC)
  • Half-Hourly Sales & Customer Counts (PDF) (DOC)
  • Recipe Costing Card (PDF)
  • Credit Card Fee Evaluation Spreadsheet (XLS)
  • 13 More Spreadsheets available via the 'Rock Your Restaurant' book page...


  • Secret Diner Promotion -- Promotion overview and templates for running an 'in-house' mystery diner program using real customers from your loyalty club or database -- A smart customer service program for any restaurant! (PDF)

  • Prize Giveaway Promotion -- Text and templates for running a contest at your restaurant. This particular example uses a 32' TV giveaway around the Christmas holiday, but could be modified in many ways. (PDF)

  • Make Event Promotion/PR Easy with These 27 Questions That Will Spark Ideas

  • Publicity Tips For Owner's, Chefs & Foodies -- Bonus seminar handout with 51 story ideas. Cherry-pick the ones that will work best for you, then start pitching. (PDF)

  • 26 PR Tips -- Tips to help you generate publicity. (PDF)

Rehearsal Guides

  • Rehearsal Guide: Role Play -- One of the best methods for helping staff gain confidence and increase performance is through role playing. This sample guide offers a number of role playing scenarios including: anticipating needs, suggestions & recommendations, and suggesting wine. (PDF)
  • Rehearsal Guide: Communicating Effectively -- Contains a selection of exercises and training games to reinforce training topics. (PDF)
  • Rehearsal Guide: Body Language -- Contains a selection of exercises with tips on effectively using and reading body language. (PDF)


  • Restaurant Manager Appraisal – QSR (Word)
  • Dining Room Manager Appraisal (Word)
  • Banquet Manager Appraisal (Word)
  • Server Appraisal (Word)
The Restaurant PDF Free Download

Handouts & Slides

  • How To Get Employees To Do What You Want - Workbook Guide to Accompany Seminar (PDF)

  • The Sins of Bar Management: Tips for Rescuing Your Bar (PDF)

  • Gun to the Head Marketing - Seminar Slides (PDF)

  • 4th Quarter Catering - Holiday Calendar Countdown - Make sure you're prepared for crunchtime! Here's a proven timeline for your preparation and marketing to your clients. (PDF)

  • Restaurant Menu Design & Engineering: Seminar Handout (PDF)

  • Publicity Tips For Owner's, Chefs & Foodies -- Bonus seminar handout with 51 story ideas. Cherry-pick the ones that will work best for you, then start pitching. (PDF)
  • 7 Must Do's For Controlling Labor Costs -- one page seminar summary handout (PDF)
  • Social Media For Restaurants -- Full 20+ page Seminar Transcript and social media resources list (PDF)
  • Double Your December: Ignite Online Sales for the Holiday -- Slides (PDF)
  • Kick Groupon to the Curb: The 4 Truths of Online Marketing for Restaurants - Seminar Slides (PDF)

  • Facebook Marketing for Restaurants -- Seminar Slides (PDF)

  • 7 Tips for a Better Restaurant Website -- Seminar Slides (PDF)

  • 30+ Places Online to Promote Your Live Events - Seminar Slides & Seminar Cheat Sheet (PDF)

  • Web Must Do's For Restaurants -- Bonus Handout & Seminar Outline. (PDF)

Miscellaneous PDFs

  • Marketing Plan & Other Marketing Elements -- Contains an overview of Marketing Plan elements. Also includes sections on pricing strategy, differentiation and competitive advantage. (PDF)
  • Restaurant Market Analysis -- Elements to help with a business or marketing plan. (PDF)
  • Fresh Start for Building Profits -- Five major areas to think about for your business. (PDF)
  • Negotiation – Tips and Strategies -- Quick tip sheet listing common mistakes as well as information needed to negotiate and strategies for creating successful agreements. (PDF)
  • Steps to Effective Problem Solving -- Outlines the seven key steps to work through in problem resolution. (Word)
  • Positioning & Value Creation -- This presentation highlights the elements necessary to successful positioning and the strategies to create value for your restaurant. (PDF)
  • Strategy Presentation -- This presentation talks about the strategic process, competitive advantage as well as strategic insights and principles. (PDF)
  • Preventing Foodborne Disease Through Proper Cooking, Cooling and Storage -- Special Report looking at common causes of food safety solutions and how to eliminate the threats. (PDF)

Agreement forms, menu templates, and tax forms are some of the documents that restaurant business managers need to have in order to operate their restaurants effectively and legally. However, other than these, restaurant application forms are also useful especially during business application for registering the restaurant to the state and the job application process for the restaurant staff and employees.


Restaurant Employment Application Template

This restaurant employment application template is a printable job application document that any restaurant manager can acquire for their hiring procedures. The form will cater the information of the applicants that are necessary for selecting the final job candidates. However, for higher job positions such as managers and human resource personnel, a manager job application and review form must be used in order to assess and evaluate the skills as well as the capabilities of the applicants in handling the day-to-day tasks of the restaurant business.

Restaurant Employment Application Form

The job candidate’s personal information, availability, employment background, as well as his declaration of disclosing actual facts are what comprises a restaurant employment application form. The benefits of having this form is that it is not limited to any job description since it can be for general job vacancies due to its basic application template.


Restaurant Membership Application Form

There are restaurants who offer discounts and perks for their regular customers. For these restaurants, a restaurant membership application form is essential to gather the details of their returning clients which includes the contact information and favorite orders from the restaurant menu. Having annual membership events will also be beneficial for the restaurant especially in collecting evaluation forms and feedback of how they can improve their business, services, and food options.

Supplemental Restaurant Application Form

Correcting errors and updating a newly hired employee’s information is the purpose of preparing a supplemental restaurant application form. The updated details are important for the employment records which can sooner be used for filing any sort of document ranging from letters of promotions to employee termination forms.

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Aside from the employee’s information, the owners and its partnering companies should also update their details especially in contract agreements and ownership forms. This habit of documenting and updating the information will allow legal matters to be settled properly when needed.

Chef Application Form

One of the most important people in a restaurant business is the chef or the cook. With this, the management must use a chef application form for their job applicants aiming to cook for their clients. The form will have the personal details of the chef applicant, his work and character references, his general education, as well as the chef’s skills and specialty recipes. However, when dealing with application forms, the management must review and assess the entries and disclosed information in order to secure that the applicant is not claiming falsified details about his identity or skills.

Restaurant Chef Application Form

Along with the application forms, the management must also construct other papers such as donation forms, survey forms, catering forms, and restaurant management forms. The donation forms will be useful for the restaurant’s charity works. The survey forms will be for gathering ideas from their applicants, clients, and employees for possible updates in the establishment. Catering forms are essential for presenting the services and products that the restaurant can offer to their clients. Lastly, management forms are for helping the people in the restaurant in planning ahead and maintaining the path toward the restaurant’s success.

Application Form for Restaurant


After the application period of the job candidates, the management must keep the application forms for record-keeping. With these documents, a staff and restaurant manager appraisals, as well as general manager evaluations, will be effectively conducted. The previously submitted application forms will aid in determining whether the claimed skills and educational attainments were put to use by the hired candidates as they begin their journey being employed in the restaurant business.

The Restaurant Pdf Free Download Free

Application Form for Cafe Licence

Cafe restaurants or restaurants with lounge areas need to obtain varying license forms for operating their business. With this, a cafe license application form will be used in order to lay down the details of the cafe as well as its structure. Nonetheless, regardless if a business is a plain restaurant or a cafe bakery, the management should keep track of their inventories and conduct kitchen evaluations from time to time to maintain safety and security in their premises.

Cafe Employment Application Form

Tips and Guidelines for Restaurant Employment Application Forms

Although most people already know how to complete various employment application forms, there are always tips to accompany each application especially for different jobs and industry fields. When it comes to applying for a job in a restaurant, the applicant must have specific skills and abilities that the management desires for their employees such as talents in cooking and welcoming clients. The restaurant employment application form should be filled out completely with the appropriate and updated data along with the available contact details of work references. Leaving blanks to the fields of any application should be avoided; instead, the applicant must indicate an “NA” for not applicable areas, and state answers truthfully.

Aside from the applicants, the management should also remember important tips in creating the form such as maintaining balance and assuring that only the necessary data will be collected from the applicants. There should also be separate documents to be filled out by applicants who aim for higher positions such as a chef or a manager in order to aid the hiring committee in conducting a thorough and proper evaluation to each of the applicant’s skills and claims.

Other than restaurant employment application forms, waiting lists and event orders are also necessary forms to prepare by the management. The waiting list is used to enlist the names of the customers who are waiting for a vacant table whenever the restaurant is in a full house operation. The event orders, on the other hand, are used for booking and reserving the restaurant for activities such as company meetings and parties.

With these documents, a restaurant owner along with its staff and managers will be able to satisfy their clients and partners as well as grab the success of their business at an easy pace.

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