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The Stalking PDF Free Download

Petition for an Order for Protection – Harassment (PTORAH) and/or Stalking (PTORSTK) 06/2020: UHST-02.0250: Worksheet for Harassment and/or Stalking Petition 06/2014: WPF UH-02.0400: Notice of Hearing. The Stalking By Heather Graham (PDF/READ) The Stalking By Heather Graham.Dark legends come to life. With the execution of a serial killer known as the Artiste, Cheyenne Donegal thinks a grim part of her past is finally put to rest. Her cousin had been the twisted killer s final victim, and then-teenage Cheyenne was integral in bringing him to justice. Bureau 13 is published by Tri Tac, and is a revamp of their previous publication Stalking the Night Fantastic, and included an extra 90 pages of material. Stalking the Night Fantastic was first published.

Q: I've been living with my boyfriend for a year. We met on FetLife and I was honest about being in an open relationship (at the time) and seeking a sexual connection over a relationship. But one nut after another and pretty soon we were professing our love for each other and he shared that he wanted to be the father of my children. However, right before he moved in I found out he was still texting other women despite asking me not to text, sext, or have sex with any other men. He also regularly 'yucks my yum' and makes fun of the types of porn I watch and calls it 'gross' (my thing for cuckolding being his main target) and he also insists men can't be friends with women, yet he's still friends with women he's had sex with. He hides the fact he is masturbating from me but expects to participate in all my masturbation sessions. He claims we have no sexual secrets but I snooped and learned he was looking at porn with titles like 'TS,' 'sissy,' 'gay,' and 'BBW Black.' It makes me feel small because of the nagging feeling I may not be his cup of tea since he hides these other interests from me while not allowing me to hide anything from him. I also worry that his 'affection' for my black BBW ass may be no different than his objectification of trans women. He says he doesn't want to 'burden' me with 'rapey' sex play but I am open to all kinds of sex, not just the softcore-porn type—so long as he doesn't start by rubbing my boobs like they're doorknobs. I am at my wits' end. I already e-mailed an LGBTQIA+ friendly couples counselor because we are both scared the relationship will end. But I can't keep turning a blind eye to his half-truths, double standards, and hypocrisy. —Feeling Extremely Tense

Aug 01 2021 Stalking-And-Psychosexual-Obsession-Psychological-Perspectives-For-Prevention-Policing-And-Treatment 1/1 PDF Drive - Search and download PDF files for free. Jun 08, 2021 Submit a free Matches ad; Browse Events. Someone who would do that—someone who would essentially outsource stalking you—isn't a person you're obligated to break up with face-to-face or sit.


This guy sounds like equal parts asshole and mess. And he needs to work on that—he needs to clean up his mess—on his own. You can't do the work for him, FET, and I would urge you to resist the urge to use the relationship as leverage. Because by staying in this relationship despite his half-truths, his double standards, and his hypocrisies—by sticking around to be shamed and manipulated—you're sending him a message that says, 'It's fine, you're fine, we're fine.' Perhaps I shouldn't say, 'You're sending him a message,' because this shit isn't your fault, FET. But he will self-servingly interpret your willingness to stay and work on the relationship—as if the relationship is the problem here—as proof that he doesn't need to do something about his own shit. He will assume he can continue to get away with being a controlling, manipulative, and sex-shaming asshole . . . because he's getting away with it.

When your current boyfriend 'yucks your yum,' when he says the porn you like is gross, he's projecting the shame he feels about all the non-normative (but perfectly wonderful) stuff that turns him on. When someone vomits their shame all over you, FET, getting yourself out of vomit range is your best option. And for the record: I don't think your boyfriend is a mess because he's interested in more kinds of sex than he admits or more types of women than just your type of woman or dudes or power games that touch on gender roles and/or taboos. And the fact that he's hiding his attraction to trans women from you isn't by itself proof that he objectifies trans women, FET, or that he's objectifying you. You don't know how he would interact (or how he has interacted) with a trans partner. What you do know is he treats you like shit and makes you feel bad about yourself and demands transparency from you without being transparent in return. DTMFA.

P.S. Please don't let his shitty comments about your turn-ons lead you to doubt your desirability—just the fact that you're into cuckolding makes you something of a prize, FET, as there are easily a hundred times as many men into cuckolding as there are women. It wouldn't take you long to replace a guy who shames you for being into cuckolding with a guy who absolutely worships you for it.

P.P.S. I don't think you had grounds to snoop, FET, or a need to snoop. You knew everything you needed to know about this guy before you found his secret undeleted browser history. Insisting you cut your male friends and exes out of your life was reason enough to end this relationship.


Q: I'm an out 26-year-old gay man with a 30-year-old boyfriend who is not out. That's fine. Everyone gets to come out at their own pace. We have been together for three years and lived together for two. Which is also fine. I like living with him. But he 'jokingly' calls me his 'faggy roommate' and sometimes puts me down about being gay when we are around mutual friends so people won't think he's gay.
—Just Over Keeping Everything Secret

A: NO.


Everyone gets to come out at their own pace—sure, OK, I guess, whatever. But closeted adult gay men don't get to heap insults on their out gay sex partners in order to throw mutuals off the scent. (The scent of cock on their breath.) Unless you get off on this treatment and wrote in to brag (not a single question mark detected in your e-mail), JOKES, you need to DTMFCCA. ('Dump the motherfucking closet case already.')

Q: I'm a fit and healthy 66-year-old woman. (Vegan 53 years and have never been sick a day in my life!) I've been told I look 40ish—so not too bad! I was married for 20 years and then sat on the bench without so much as one date for 18 years because I was a hardworking single mom of three kids. So I met a guy about six years ago. I was dating around a bit at the time and figured he was too. Well, I later found out he had me 'checked out and followed' and even hacked my computer, where he found a couple of sexy e-mails to another guy. We were not exclusive at the time and years later—six years later—he throws the details of one particular e-mail I sent to another in my face every chance he gets. He has actually told me he was dating other women when we first met. Of course he was! No big deal at all but it irks me that he hired someone to follow my every move! (He even accused me of getting paid for sex and said he had proof! Totally false!) We have been engaged and I am holding back from marrying him. Otherwise he is good to me. What's the deal here? —Engaged Dame Grows Edgy


This is emotional abuse—hurling that none-of-his-business e-mail in your face every chance he gets—and it's gonna get worse if you marry him. This kind of shit always gets worse after the wedding, e.g. it gets worse once getting away from someone like this requires lawyers and court dates. DTMFA. There's a huge difference between the kind of lapse in judgement that might prompt someone to snoop and hiring a private investigator to track someone's movements. Someone who would do that—someone who would essentially outsource stalking you—isn't a person you're obligated to break up with face-to-face or sit down with to give them 'closure.' Prioritize your safety, EDGE. A text message and a block are all the closure he needs and far more consideration than he deserves.  v

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Bureau 13
Stalking the Night Fantastic
Designed byRichard Tucholka
Published byTri Tac Games
Publication date1992; 29 years ago
SystemsTri Tac system

Bureau 13: Stalking the Night Fantastic is a satirical science fiction/horror tabletop role-playing game published by Tri Tac Games in 1992.


Bureau 13 describes the operations of a fictional top-secret American government agency that investigates and combats supernatural events and creatures.

Game mechanics[edit]

The game uses the role-playing game system common to other Tri Tac releases such as Fringeworthy and FTL:2448:

The Stalking PDF Free Download
  • Characters are defined by eight basic characteristics (Strength, Constitution, Dexterity, Agility, Intelligence, Wisdom, Luck, Charisma), which are generated by rolling four 6-sided dice.[1]
  • The player uses a point-buy system to generate skills. Skills are then multiplied by 5.[1]
  • To resolve a skill check, the player use percentile dice and must roll a score equal to or less than the skill being tested.[1]

Publication history[edit]

Bureau 13 is published by Tri Tac, and is a revamp of their previous publication Stalking the Night Fantastic, and included an extra 90 pages of material.[2]Stalking the Night Fantastic was first published by Tri Tac in 1983,and a second edition was released the following year, accompanied by a number of standalone adventures. The third edition, retitled Bureau 13, featured a somewhat streamlined game system, and was released in 1990 as a 190-page softcover book designed by Richard Tucholka, with interior artwork by Tom Dow, with artistic contributions by Randy Bathurst, Doug Blanchard, Larry Dixon, Sandy Harlan, Tom Howell, Bradley McDevitt, Scott Ruggels, and William Wardrop, and cover art by Phil Foglio.[3]

This was followed by a 4th edition in 1992, a 5th edition in 2007, and a 6th edition in 2008 that uses d20 System mechanics.


In 1991, the third edition of the Bureau 13 series won the Gamers Choice Award at Gencon for Best Fantasy Game.[citation needed]

List of releases[edit]

Role-playing game[edit]

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  • Stalking the Night Fantastic (1st Ed.), Tri Tac Games (1983) – Core Rules. ASINB0039L72BC
  • Stalking the Night Fantastic (2nd Ed.), Tri Tac Games (1984) – Core Rules. ASINB00A8MNZKC
  • Bureau 13: Stalking the Night Fantastic (3rd Ed.), Tri Tac Games (1992) – Core Rules. Has Phil Foglio art on the cover. ISBN9990371245
  • Bureau 13 Adventures: Hellsnight – Contains 7 new scenarios, new equipment, new vehicles and new 'Friends & Enemies' information.
  • Bureau 13 Adventures: Haunts – Contains new scenarios, new equipment and tools, new vehicles and new 'Friends & Enemies' information.
  • The Lost Files, Vol. 1 by Richard Tucholka, Tri Tac Games (1991) – Loose-leaf packet full of recently recovered information from Bureau 13's files.
  • Bureau 13: Scenes of Horror, Industry and Adventure
  • Incursion by Richard Tucholka, Tri Tac Games (1992) ASINB000KGYLJK
  • Stalking the Steel City by Bruce Sheffer, Outpost Games (1992) ASINB000KGYLJK
  • Screams in the Night by Bruce Sheffer, Outpost Games (1994) ASINB00129GQ9M
  • Aliens Among Us by Bruce Sheffer, Outpost Games (1995)] ASINB003IQZH8S
  • Bureau 13: Stalking the Night Fantastic (4th Ed.) Tri Tac Games (1992) – PDF file version of the 3rd Edition Core Rules.
  • Bureau 13 (4th Ed.): Black Powder – The Origins of Bureau 13 (1859–1889), Tri Tac Games (2009) – 19th Century setting detailing the founding of Bureau 13 and the real US Secret Service.
  • Bureau 13 (5th Ed.): Special Edition by Nick Pollotta & Richard Tucholka, Tri Tac Games (2007)] – Incorporates the world of Nick Pollotta's B13 novels.
  • Bureau 13 (6th Ed.): d20 EDITION Tri Tac Games (2008)] – Has an expanded 'Friends and Enemies' section.
  • Bureau 13: EXTREME, Tri Tac Games (2011)] – Details the X Teams – paranormal SWAT units that take out the big threats. Contains 5 new scenarios that are linked in the 'Hearts' campaign. It is a much more gritty setting than baseline Bureau 13.
  • Bureau 13: BRASS & STEAM, Tri Tac Games (2013?) – Steampunk rules.


  • Bureau 13: Judgment Night by Nick Pollotta, Wildside Press (1992). ISBN978-1587153099
  • Bureau 13: Doomsday Exam by Nick Pollotta, Ace Books (1992). ISBN978-1587154676
  • Full Moonster by Nick Pollotta, Ace Books (2002). ISBN978-0441084210.
  • Bureau 13: Damned Nation by Nick Pollotta, Wildside Press (2005). ISBN978-0809550975 Set in the American civil war.

Other media[edit]

  • A secret organization named 'Bureau 13' is mentioned in the Babylon 5 episode 'Spider in the Web'. However, when J. Michael Straczynski heard about the game, while Richard Tucholka offered Straczynski use of the trademark the studio said no.[4]

Video game[edit]

GameTek published a video game based on the role-playing game in 1995.[5]


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  • Review in Shadis #17

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