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Moving away from a very needy, lusty Harper was probably the hardest thing I’d ever done.

Still, I had forced myself away from the woman I wanted more than I’d ever wanted anything or anyone in my entire life, and moved across the room. I was sitting on the corner of the desk, my fists clenched and my gaze averted from her tempting figure sprawled out on the small sofa of my office.

It can’t happen like this. I can’t fuck her when she’s vulnerable.

And dammit, I did want to strip her naked and take her on the desk, on the floor, up against the wall…it didn’t fucking matter where or how it happened. As long as it was hot, fast, and hard.

I needed to claim the woman I’d waited the last twelve years to be with again.

Maybe I hadn’t admitted it to myself consciously, but something buried deep inside me knew that nobody except Harper would ever be the woman I wanted.

Had I come close to fucking other women? Hell, yeah.

Had I gone through with it? Hell, no.

Using another female wouldn’t have been a damn bit different from getting myself off, which I did pretty damn often.

But Harper had ruined me that Christmas Eve so long ago. The way I’d felt when I was with her was different from anything I’d ever experienced, and I’d never felt that way again.

Sure, I’d had mad crushes on girls before Harper. She hadn’t been my first, but she’d certainly been my last.

I’d never really examined why I had no desire to screw other women. It was just…there. Harper had wedged her way into my soul in a way I couldn’t explain. And the thought seemed so laughable that I’d never even shared how I felt with Marcus, my twin.

The Wrong Billionaire's Bed PDF Free Download

The Wrong Billionaire's Bed PDF Free Download

I explained it away when I rationalized my behavior to myself.

I was too damn busy.

I was too tired.

I traveled too much.

My lifestyle wasn’t conducive to having a relationship.

Bullshit—all of it.

The naked truth was…no other woman made me feel like she did. And if I couldn’t have that, I wasn’t willing to settle for anything else.

Yeah, I realized that some guys didn’t need to feel anything except horny to screw another woman. I used to think the same thing.

Until I met Harper.

Until I had Harper.

She was mine, and I was convinced it was never supposed to be any other way.

“I can’t do this, Harper,” I explained in a voice that was still hoarse with raw desire.

The wrong billionaire' s bed pdf free download free


I watched her sit up on the couch and run nervous hands down the legs of her jeans. I’d seen her do that before. It was some kind of anxious reaction that made me fucking crazy. Maybe because I wanted to be wrapping those long legs around my waist so I could feel what it was like to bury myself in ecstasy again.

“You’re worried about Dani. You’re emotionally and physically exhausted.” I could see the dark circles beneath her eyes, and her fear made me edgy as hell. I couldn’t even think about how I’d survive her grief if Danica didn’t make it back stateside alive.

Billionaire Unknown The Billionaire's Obsession Blake by [email protected]

The Wrong Billionaire's Bed