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If you are planning on leaving your job, it is customary to give your employer two weeks' notice as a professional courtesy. While in most cases, you are not legally obliged to give notice, providing your employer with a two weeks' notice letter will give your managers and coworkers enough time to take on your responsibilities or find a suitable replacement.

This work schedule template is designed to let you print two weeks at a time. Easily modify the template for night shifts or other shifts. Includes mini monthly calendars for convenience in planning. Simple Weekly Schedule. Use this template to create and print an easy-to-use weekly schedule. Lesson Schedule. We select two of these patterns to appear in this section for only 4 weeks to be available to print for FREE only for four weeks. After that time they will be removed and 2 new patterns will be featured here so check back often, and let your friends know to come here to download the free cross stitch patterns.

The Two Week Curse. Author: Michael Chatfield. Thrust into an unknown, unwanted situation, most would feel panic, fear anger and fall into chaos. Erik and Rugrat are not immune to those feelings, but they have stepped into chaos so many times, it is simply a different challenge. New math workbooks are generated each week to make learning in the classroom fun. Word problems are emphasized for a deeper understanding of how math works, along with reinforcing basic math facts. The enrichment math pages will easily complement your existing math program and can be used every week to build the children's math skills. 11+ Two Weeks Notice Letter Templates – PDF, Google Docs, MS Word, Apple Pages A two weeks’ notice samples is the declaration made in advance about the resignation of an employee. The notice is made in advance so that the employer gets time to find a suitable employee to fill the position.

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  • Two Weeks' Notice Letter Template Download:

    Download this two weeks' notice letter template in MS Word format and start using it straight away.

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    Two Weeks' Notice Letter Example:

    Company name:

    Dear Ms./Mr. [insert name]

    This letter is to inform you that I am resigning from my position as [insert position name] at [insert company name], effective two weeks from today [insert date].

    It has been an absolute pleasure working at [insert company name] and I am truly grateful for the opportunities you have afforded me. My last working day will be [insert date].

    I intend to continue working at the highest quality level until my final day of employment. If there is anything you would like me to do to facilitate a smooth transition during this time, please let me know.

    [Insert name]

    What does it mean to give two weeks' notice?

    When you give two weeks' notice, you are essentially quitting your job and informing your employer that you will be leaving the company on a specific date. Once you have handed your letter to your department manager or the HR representative, your company may choose to make your position available to coworkers or external candidates immediately.

    Why You Should Write a Two Weeks' Notice Letter:

    If you are leaving your current job to pursue a career elsewhere, you will want to leave on the best terms possible. The most effective way to leave a job on good terms is to provide your employer with two weeks' notice and perform your duties to the best of your ability during your notice period.

    If you fail to give your employer sufficient notice, they may not have time to find a replacement or train someone in the role. This may result in a departmental slowdown and ultimately affect company performance. The company may then decide not to provide you with a reference letter or favorable recommendation for any future employment opportunities.

    When should you give notice?

    You should only give notice at your current position when you have signed your offer letter with your new employer. Even if you have received verbal confirmation that you have the job, anything can happen and you may find yourself unemployed because you acted too soon.

    Two Weeks PDF Free Download

    What if your employer provides a counteroffer?

    It often happens that an employer will provide a counteroffer when an employee wants to quit. It is important to remember that your company has spent a lot of time and money investing in your skills and experience. If you are important to the company, they will want to try and keep you on board.

    A counteroffer is delivered based on your reasons for leaving. If you want to leave because you are looking to earn more or work at a higher level, you may be offered a raise in salary or the opportunity to move to a different department. In such cases, it is worth considering the advantages of staying versus leaving.

    If you are leaving for personal reasons, clashes with management, or because your work will be closer to home, a counteroffer would be less favorable. In either case, it is considered a professional courtesy to consider your current employer's offer before making your final decision.

    What should you put in your two weeks' notice letter?

    A two weeks' notice letter should be short and to the point.

    • Start by including your company details and the name of the person you are addressing the letter to.
    • In the opening paragraph, state that you are giving two weeks' notice and indicate which will be your last working day.
    • In the second paragraph, write a short statement of gratitude for the time and commitment the company has given to you.
    • Wrap up the letter mentioning your intent to perform your duties to the highest standards until your final day of work.
    • Close with your name and signature.

    The Dangers of Leaving Your Job Without Notice:

    There are no federal or state laws that require you to provide two weeks' notice before quitting. However, some companies include a notice period in their employment contracts. Failure to give notice may result in you forfeiting unused vacation days and other company benefits. Always read your employment contract before you quit.

    Two Weeks Pdf Free Download 2019

    Another consequence of not giving notice is potentially leaving a negative impression with a company that you may need for a reference or for future employment. The value of a positive reference from a former employer cannot be understated when seeking new employment. While you might have a job lined up for now, you should always plan for the future.

    When is it okay not to give two weeks' notice?

    While it is always a good idea to provide your employer with two weeks' notice, there are some instances when it is not always possible or desirable to do so. Examples include:

    • If staying at your job jeopardizes your health or safety.
    • If you are being emotionally abused at work.
    • If you are asked to do something unethical.
    • If your new employer wants you to start straight away or risk losing the opportunity.


    What is a two weeks' notice letter?

    A two weeks' notice letter is a formal resignation letter informing your employer of your intention to resign two weeks from the date indicated in the letter.

    What is considered two weeks notice?

    14 normal days or 10 business days.

    Why is it important to write a two weeks' notice letter?

    By giving two weeks' notice, you are providing the company with enough time to find a suitable replacement or train another staff member to take on your responsibilities.

    What should be included in a two weeks' notice letter?

    • Your company details and the name of the person you are addressing the letter to.
    • Your intention to give notice and the date which you will be leaving.
    • A short statement of gratitude.
    • Your next steps.
    • Your name and signature.

    Can you resign without giving notice?

    Yes, there are no federal or state laws requiring employees to give two weeks' notice.

    Can you use vaction time for two weeks' notice?

    This depends on your employment contract. In some cases, you may be able to use vacation days as your notice period and leave immediately. However, this is not recommended as the point of giving notice is to provide your employer with enough time to find your replacement.

    When is it okay not to give two weeks' notice?

    • If staying at your job jeopardizes your health or safety.
    • If you are being emotionally abused at work.
    • If you are asked to do something unethical.
    • If your new employer wants you to start straight away or risk losing the opportunity.

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    Two Weeks PDF Free Download

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