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Can love overcome the past?Sep. 02, 2020USA105 Min.


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After We Collided free download movie a sequel to the cult Wattpad published series One Direction fan fiction (book series back), this movie has a built-in audience system but offers little of interest to anyone else. We hit after relies heavily on clichéd characters, especially the contrast Hardin bad boy, covered in tattoos and coping with an addiction to alcohol, and the good boy Trevor, the numbers whiz glasses. It also offers a ridiculously view unrealistic from the university, apart from a couple of mentions and some frat parties over-the-top is not clear someone actually attends, and the workplace, wherein just his second day of practice low wages, Tessa is taken to a conference, bought a new dress for her supervisor, invited to a nightclub, offering alcoholic drinks despite being underage, and put up in a luxury suite of the hotel.

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Fiennes Tiffin Langford and do a good job of conveying the electrical excitation of new lovers who can not keep their hands off each other. Unfortunately, the rest of the film and the characters feel built exclusively to shore scenes choreographed sex. Yes, his tortuous relationship is the main story, but true if the action and the characters may not sound around you do not. (An exception is the mother of Hardin, played by Louise Lombard.) An opening voice trace off parallels between this story and other similar “transmitted through the ages”, reminding the Greeks, Shakespeare, the Brontes, and Jane Austen. It’s a ridiculous exaggeration. The film does what it is supposed to do for a specific target audience. Why try to suggest something grander?

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Tessa (Josephine Langford) and Hardin (Hero Fiennes-Tiffin) have been separated for a month, but their appeal is still alive in AFTER we crashed. Tessa is working on an editorial as part of a paid internship where Trevor’s friend (Dylan Sprouse) becomes a benefactor who falls for her. Hardin is still struggling to put his past behind him, including a traumatic event of his childhood and the emotional turmoil of the divorce of his parents and his father training a new happy family.

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After a night of drinking, Tessa called Hardin and the two back together, first only physically, but then in a more compromised. Will their love be able to withstand the problems of Hardin and lies past? When Tessa is offered a job in Seattle and Trevor Hardin she says it’s not good for her, her future looks more uncertain than ever.

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Tessa Young
Hardin Scott
Landon Gibson
Trevor Matthews
Zed Evans
Molly Samuels
Steph Jones
Christian Vance
Trish Daniels
Carol Young

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